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We'd like to hear from you. What do you dream of having at The Fields? What makes a retreat significant for you or your group? Click on the Contact Us link. Tell us your name, congregation or organization and your dreams and we"ll post them here so that we can all start creating this sacred place where spirits and ideas grow!
Your dreams:


Reflections from Retreat Center Focus Groups, Summer 2009

"Sometimes the confluence of history, vision, opportunity and effort merge to create a reality of unparalleled potential. This mission that blends multigenerational spirituality, sustainability, justice work and education is both unique and practical. I join with many others and offer my enthusiastic support for this grand adventure. As the decades roll by, we will be glad we said Yes!"
(Rev. Barbara Kellett, Community Minister. Starcell Spiritual Resources.)

"I can't imagine not ever returning to this place... We must do this."
(Rev. Dr. Carol Hepokoski, First Unitarian Universalist Church, Rochester, Mn.)

"I would love to see this retreat center as a resource for the entire liberal spiritual community; make the circle wide enough for all of us. Key for me are the combination of spiritual practice and education."
(Rev. Don Portwood, Lyndale United Church of Christ, Minneapolis)

" I would bring my women's book club here in a heartbeat. My yoga teacher is always looking for a retreat site and this would be perfect."
(Bonnie, Minneapolis, Member of Temple Israel)

"I have no doubt that this place would be well utilized. The potential here is endless! I can imagine, down by the orchard, a few permanent, green and sustainable living units for those who could be part of a permanent community here."
(Mark Gibbons, Member First Unitarian Society, Minneapolis, noted UU Chef, Board Member of Church of the Larger Fellowship)

"This actual site and its high quality far exceeds my expectations. It is ideal for board retreats and leadership meetings. What a joy it would be to have a place where we would really feel at home. The Garden Ministry and sustainability education are especially exciting to me. I am 110% with this vision!"
(Rev. Kent Saleska, Minister, UU Church of Minnetonka)

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